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We’re Going Beyond Retail Spaces, And Creating Retail Experiences.

Our goal is to help retails and brands in India and across the globe create unmatched customer experiences. We understand your needs, goals and aspirations and work hand-in-hand with you to drive profits via expertly designed in-store display solutions.
Our expertise spans sectors such as:
✓ Supermarkets & Hypermarkets
✓ Kirana Stores (Neighboring store)
✓ Bakery Stores
✓ General Stores
✓ Pharmacy
✓ Stationery & Toys
✓ Sports & Fitness
✓ Consumer Electronics
✓ Consumer Durables
✓ Luxury
✓ Apparels & Fashion
✓ Automotive
✓ Footwear
✓ Home Furnishings
✓ Experience Centers
✓ Experience Zones
✓ Specialty Stores
✓ Indus
✓ Mall management
✓ Warehousing

Our product range is lively, durable and designed to work seamlessly to highlight your in-store presence.

Shelf Edge Strips

Mostly used on shop floors as well as warehouses. Our range of shelf-edge strips is available in your desirable selected length and will fit directly onto your shelves, to display your pricing tickets clearly, giving your customer a convenient and easy shopping experience. Used mainly as


  • Shelf Adhesive Shelf Edge strips,
  • Shelf Edge Strips for Wire shelves and Baskets,
  • Shelf Edge Strips for Glass and Wooden Shelves
  • Shelf Edge Strips for Metal Shelves
    Price Ticket Holders for Pegboard Hooks

    We have a swinging price tag holders with standard euro holes to fit onto your pegboard hook.

    Promotional Shelf Risers
    These are helpful for shelf management as they can reduce the risk of a product falling off the shelf and getting damaged. It can also be used to display the product brand and offers.
    Clip Strips
    Best for increasing Sales at till points by displaying Best offers, Sale Offers, Lowe rates, Small and Impulse items whilst customers queue to Billing Counter.
    Shelf Edge Leaflet Dispensers
    These are ideal for displaying information about the products displayed. It helps the customer with MORE information about the product
    Plastic Poster Frames & Accessories

    These are specially used for displaying posters and promotional prints. We offer frames and accessories in a variety of sizes such as: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6

     Pricing Displays

    We have perhaps the widest range of data strips and price ticket label holders in the business. Our displays come with self-adhesive backing for metal shelves and clip on for wooden shelves, glass shelving or wire basket shelves.

    Price Label Holder

    We offer a wide range of price label holders, clips and ticket holders, with self-adhesive backing for metal shelves or to clip on to wooden shelves, glass shelving or wire basket shelves.  

    Sign Holder Sign-Clips
    Our range of sign clips include free standing holders, clip on price card holders, magnetic card clips and come with a self-adhesive backing.
    Pusher System
    These are specially designed to increase your shelf stock display. Durable, High on strength and low on maintenance, our pusher systems can support a variety of packaging formats and sizes, and are easy to install too. Giving customer convinience and easy shopping experience with its front-facing design. It is durable and improves shelf management.
    Gravity Feed System
    It’s a one of its kind, aesthetically pleasing for customers while enhancing their shopping experience and increase the purchase pattern. It offers full visibility of products and reduces labour cost by simplifying stock replenishment and automated front-facing design.
    Pull Feeding System
    A great and easy solution to organize shelves, this system reduces the risk of overfilling while controlling any damage to the product. It is flexible and the automated front-facing design ensures a 36% reduction in shelf merchandising time.
    Shelf Management Pusher System
    Simplify daily maintenance and planogram change, reduce time spent on fronting and refilling, make the daily work of refills, front-facing and planogram changes easier and faster than ever.
    We also offer products like:
    ✓ On Shelf Promotion & Sign Holders
    ✓ Signage Frames & Accessories
    ✓ Shelf Management System
    ✓ Shelf Dividers
    ✓ F&V Solutions
    ✓ Hanging Solutions
    ✓ Information Stands
    ✓ Datastrip
    ✓ Frames
    ✓ Frame accessories
    ✓ Deli
    ✓ Branding strips & stoppers
    ✓ Dividers
    ✓ Pushers
    ✓ Brand POP
    ✓ Metal standees
    ✓ Shelf talker accessories
    ✓ Printed shelf talkers
    ✓ Flip chart
    ✓ Hanging rails
    ✓ Snap Fit-Led
    ✓ Acrylic articles

    We have successfully set up in-store displays in over 5000 stores.

    Our expertise also includes:

    Price and In-Store Communication |Shelf Merchandising | Bulk Merchandising | Secondary Placements | Bespoke Brand Projects



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